We are a bonded and insured full-service Clerk Management & Operating Company, providing quality services to gasoline stations, car washes and convenience stores with over 18 years of field experience in managing, operating, and designing innovative, efficient and profitable businesses.

Our company manages and operates gas stations, convenience stores and car washes throughout the U.S. Most of our clients are lenders, private owners, dealers, investors and oil companies. We also assist and provide a unique type of receiver and operation management service to State and Federal Courts cases that require professional services to assist them in long or short term receiving or operating services for foreclosed or soon to be foreclosed facilities.

With our Managing abilities we can maintain and operate the gas stations and car washes successfully and create a “Win-Win” situation for our clients. Petroleum and C-Store Management Group is dedicated to designing cost-effective facilities that increase the sites’ efficiency and profit. We have competitive purchasing power with major oil companies such as: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Mobil, Texaco, Citgo, Arco, Valero and unbranded refineries. We also have established relationships with convenience store distributors for purchasing beverages, groceries, candies, snacks, alcohol, automotive merchandise, health and beauty products and more at discounted prices to benefit the facility.

Petroleum & C-Store Management Group will Manage or Buy your Gas Station, Convenience Store or Car wash!  Call (800) 775-8969 or click today!

The key to success is “Vision